High Performance Exhaust

Barker Muffler & Brake Service is known throughout the greater Portland Area as THE place to get a HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM EXHAUST SYSTEM installed on “your out of the ordinary” CUSTOM, EXOTIC, ANTIQUE or HOTROD car. Jerry, the owner, has over 40 years experience in custom exhaust work.

We take our time and concentrate on doing your job perfectly, so it will be picture perfect (in case you need pictures). We do so at a very reasonable cost.

Monte Shelton, a local automobile dealer has a fairly large collection of antique, collectIble and exotic cars; and we are proud to say, when he needs exhaust work on them, we are the place he comes to.

Barker Muffler & Brake Service also offers FREE exhaust system inspections , analysis, and estimates. In addition, we also offer free brake system inspections & analysis.

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