Our Reviews

At Barker Muffler & Brake, we value the opinions of our customers. Because, without them, we wouldn’t be in business.

Susan D. – Northeast Portland

Attention all mechanically challenged Portlanders: Recently I took my van in for new brake shoes. After I called five different places, Barker Muffler and Brake Service on MLK won out overwhelmingly for most cost-efficient.

Bob M. – Portland


I want to thank you for the excellent dual exhaust job you put on my 1967 Tempest. The throttle response is outstanding, the sound is just what I wanted. A real plus is the increase in horse power.

Sooner or later every car I own will receive the same treatment by you.

A loyal customer,
Bob M.

Gary Marschke – NNEBA Portland

Dear Chuck, Jerry, & Phil:

Just a quick note to acknowledge how much I appreciate your “old school” approach to doing business (not counting the low-tech approach).

Specifically, I refer to concepts like “value”, “integrity”, “craftsmanship”, and “fairness” among others. Your price was more than reasonable, the parts and work done top quality, and the service not only fast and friendly but above and beyond. And in spite of being offered many opportunities, there was no “upsell” or other attempt to squeeze another buck out of me – what a welcome relief!

All of those are reasons why I would and will recommend Barker to anyone.

You did indeed have “Old Fashioned Ideas About Quality” and are living proof that good ideas never go out of style!

Thanks for a terrific buying experience.
Gary Marschke
Vice Chair
& Satisfied Customer!

Margaret M. – Portland

Dear Barker Muffler Service,

Last Friday you replaced my old muffler with a used stainless steel muffler, charging me a modest fee for installation.

I just want to say I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Margaret M.

Al S. – Denver, Co

Dear Jerry, I am writing to once again thank you for the fast and efficient service you rendered in repairing my brakes while I was in Portland on vacation. As I had explained to you, I needed to return to Denver right away, and the other shop I went to said he couldn’t do it for a couple of days, and besides his price was much higher than yours.

Al S.

P.S. That pulsation/shudder feeling that I felt in the steering wheel when I applied the brakes is now gone, thank you very much.

Sean & Lisa P. – Portland

Dear Barker Auto Repear,

My wife and I want to thank you for finding that funny noise that was driving us nuts. It is very pleasant now, to be able to dive down the street without that annoying high pitch rattle.

Also, we want to thank you for inspecting the brakes. We had been told by a shop that advertises low cost brake jobs that we needed to have a brake job NOW. It was nice to hear that we still have some life left in the brakes. We will be back for that brake job in a couple of months.

Sincerely Sean and Lisa P.

Gloria M – Portland

To whom it may concern,

The nice man at your auto repair place (I think his name is Jerry) was very helpful in explaining to me what my cars problem was and then he fixed it for only 50 dollars. I had been to another place and they said it would cost 400 dollars. I will recommend you to all my friends. Your good service and fair prices are much appreciated.

Gloria M.