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Recently here at Barker Muffler & Brake Service, we had a customer come in with a strange brake noise problem in his 96 Buick LeSabre. When he was going forward and applied the brakes, they performed perfectly, but when he was backing up and applied the brakes, they made a terrible sound that seemed to be coming from the rear wheels.

He had been to ANOTHER NEARBY SHOP and THEY ADVISED HIM HE NEEDED A BRAKE JOB on the rear wheels, ($280 please) we put the car up on the hoist and pulled the rear brake drums to inspect the shoes for wear. There was plenty of friction material left on the shoes but for some reason the secondary shoe on each side was fouled with dirt and road salt (the car was from New Hampshire, where they use a lot of salt on the snowy roads).

Here is what we did:

  • Put the drums on the lathe, and turned them
  • Sanded the grime off the brake shoes
  • Reassembled it
  • Test drove it

Problem gone! $80.00 please. Barker Muffler & Brake Service saved the customer $200.00.  Another Happy Customer.

The point of this story is that Barker Muffler & Brake Service will not replace items on your car if we feel it is not necessary. We are just like you: we want to be treated fairly and feel comfortable about the fact that we are getting good value and that’s just the way we will treat you.

Barker Muffler & Brake Service offers free exhaust inspections, catalytic converter inspections and testing, and free brake inspections.



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