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Recently, here at Barker Muffler & Brake Service, we had a customer come in for an exhaust leak problem on his late model Subaru. Of course we gave him a FREE INSPECTION to determine where his problem was located. It turned out a flex joint located directly behind the automobiles 2 catalytic converters was broken.

With our ability to cut, weld and fabricate metal it was an easy fix and we quoted him a price of $40.00 for the repair. He then revealed to us that he had just come from a SUBARU DEALERSHIP REPAIR FACILITY and they had QUOTED HIM A REPAIR COST OF $2000.00, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, THAT IS WHAT HE SAID.

So, why the big difference in price? well it seems that because of their inability (OR UNWILLINGNESS) to cut, weld etc, they would have to REPLACE THE ENTIRE CATALYTIC CONVERTER ASSEMBLY, hence, a $2000.00 estimate (there is a lot more PROFIT in a $2000 repair than there is in a $40 repair). However, because Barker Muffler & Brake Service has over 45 YEARS of exhaust repair experience, we were able to fabricate a piece to fit right in, do a little welding and send him on his way.

The above is an extreme example, but Barker Muffler & Brake Service can, and does save a lot of money for people on their automobile exhaust and catalytic converter repairs. In addition, we are also very competitive on brakes, cv joints, steering parts, u-joints, most everything under the car except transmissions and clutches.

Did you know that four nearby new car and truck dealerships send many of their customers to Barker Muffler & Brake Service for catalytic converters? WHY? Because we are able to beat their prices by a great deal. Hey, even their employees come to Barker Muffler & Brake Service for catalytic converter and exhaust work.

So what’s my point? The point is if you suspect you may be having a catalytic converter problem or any kind of exhaust problems on your car or truck, bring it to Barker Muffler & Brake Service for a FREE analysis and the BEST REPAIR PRICE around. (By the way, WE DO NOT use the cheapest materials available, because they just result in comebacks and unhappy customers, and we don’t need dissatisfied customers. We prefer happy, satisfied customers and we will go out of our way to see that they are).

Barker Muffler & Brake Service has built custom exhaust systems for nearly everything, golf carts to hot rods, classic cars to motorcycles, antique cars, and big freight hauling rigs.



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