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Jerry is one of the owners and the manager of BARKER MUFFLER AND BRAKE SERVICE.

Jerry was born and raised in Montana, where is father had a blacksmith and metal fabricating business. From the time he was old enough to walk, Jerry spent a lot of time in his father’s business, eventually learning how to weld, fabricate and work with metal.

When he was old enough, he enlisted in the Navy. Upon discharge, he returned to Montana and found employment with Midas Muffler Corp. where he gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of exhaust and brake work.

His skill in welding and metal fabricating served him well and he was soon promoted to shop manager.

Several years went by and he began to grow weary of the bitter cold Montana winters, so he and his family decided to move to a warmer (but wetter) climate. Fortunately, they chose Portland, Oregon. Upon arriving here he found himself unemployed.

While looking for employment he ran across an opportunity to buy an interest in a going exhaust and brake business, and he took that opportunity.

My name is Charles Barker, the owner of BARKER MUFFLER AND BRAKE SERVICE. Jerry and I have been partners for over 25 years. Partnerships, like marriages, can be difficult. Ours has worked because I don’t try to tell Jerry how to do his job, and I respect his knowledge and skill. But, most important is his commitment to HONESTY AND ETHICS. Not only in his dealings with me, but more importantly, he is totally honest in his dealings with our customers. And, for that, I am grateful and proud to be associated with him.



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